Sensory Swings for Kids: Unlocking Joy, Development, and Calmness

Are you searching for a magical solution that can ignite joy, aid development, and bring calm to your child's life?

Look no further than sensory swings for kids! 

Discover the therapeutic hammock that offers solace and support for children with autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, and sensory processing disorders. No matter the age, SAVOIZ swings provide a haven of tranquility, nurturing essential skills and unlocking a world of endless possibilities.


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Why Moms are Choosing BenchK Wall Bars for Their Home Workouts

More and more busy moms are turning to wall bars as their go-to home gym equipment. With BenchK multifunctional sports equipment moms can get a full-body workout in the comfort of their own home, without having to spend time and money traveling to the gym or paying for expensive gym fees. 

Having stall bars as a home gym  also allow moms to spend more time with their kids. As they set an example of physical activity and teach their children about the importance of staying healthy and active.


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How to Choose the Perfect Wall Bars: A Guide to Help You Get Started!

Choosing the right wall bar might be overwhelming.

In this blog post, we provide important guidelines to consider before purchasing and installing a gymnastic wall bar.

These guidelines include checking the height of the room and the type of wall, selecting the appropriate mounting method, and ensuring the wall thickness is adequate for installation. Additionally, BenchK offers paper assembly instructions and a video installation instruction for customers. 

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The History of Wall Bars

Gymnastic ladders, usually associated with the school gym or physiotherapy office, are increasingly becoming an element of equipment in our homes or apartments. This is because we see their potential related to maintaining proper physical fitness, which largely affects our health and general well-being. 

The beginnings of gymnastics and gymnastic wall bars in Sweden
Gymnastic ladders, bars or, in other words, “stall bars” were created with a view to developing strength, condition and flexibility of the human body. The first mention of gymnastics as a field of sport dates back to the mid-17th century.

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Wall bars in the bedroom

The bed is undoubtedly the main and most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. To ensure a good night’s sleep, it is important to relax and calm the mind beforehand. It is beneficial to have a relaxing space in the bedroom in the form of a multifunctional wall bar, BenchK. It perfectly fits into an interior in the popular Boho style, great for many bedrooms thanks to its timeless minimalism. Thanks to its hand oiled beech wood rungs, the BenchK wall bar adds an element of warmth and cosiness. By having a wall bar at your fingertips you can do a calming work out before going to bed, using your favourite relaxing exercises to calm down and reduce stress.
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