About Us

Gymnastic ladder probably the most universal sport item in the world, was invented in Sweden. The Swedish ladder was invented by Pehr Henrick Ling (1776-1839).

BenchK modified an ordinary Swedish ladder and created a more functional and durable sport device for contemporary people.

The BenchK history began in 2014 with an idea to create something unique, something they could proud of, something that could fit perfectly into everyone’s life.

The company’s history begins when the founders of BenchK, Vadim and Irena Zemlianyi, moved permanently from Ukraine to Poland, the homeland of their grandparents. Raising their young daughter, they realized that a healthy lifestyle starts from an early age and lasts a lifetime. The first generation of products were produced in Ukraine, where multi-functional gymnastic wall bars were popular and could be found in almost every third home. The owners decided to introduce this product to the European market, and so came the idea of adapting the product to the European customer. With this idea, the founders put everything on one card and moved to Poland overnight. Through gained experience and the voice of customers from all over Europe, as well as participation in the largest trade fair of the sports industry ISPO 2018 and 2019 in Munich, the owner, Vadym Zemlianyi, was inspired to design a new generation of BenchK sports furniture.

From 2019, a new production plant in Rzeszów (POLAND) allowed professional gymnastic equipment to be combined with the aesthetics of sports furniture. Each product is carefully made of Polish raw materials in accordance with European quality standards. BenchK wall bars are distinguished by a minimalist design, perfect fit into any interior without disturbing its aesthetics and the ability to motivate people to perform physical activity every day.

Realizing that the pressure of modern life requires a new approach to maintaining physical fitness – BenchK provides a ready-made solution for the needs of a modern society. The BenchK wall bar is a piece of sports furniture that will be passed down from generation to generation.

BenchK lift yourself.


From natural materials

The wooden elements of BenchK wall bars are made of solid beech wood that is FSC certified, which means that it is 100% sourced and used in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Safe for children

A wall bars made in Poland conforming to European safety standards and will help to develop strength and endurance for adults and kids

For a healthy lifestyle

BenchK wall bars designed for any spaces and save time with no more daily commutes to the gym