Invest in Your Health This June: Men's Health Month!

Invest in Your Health This June: Men's Health Month!

June is Men's Health Month, a time to focus on preventing health problems and prioritizing well-being. Here at, we believe regular exercise is a powerful tool for men of all ages.

Why Exercise Matters for Men

Research shows that health benefits occur with at least 150 minutes a week (approximately 25-30 min per day)  of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, and that both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities are beneficial. So why is physical activity so important for Men’s Health? Let’s point out a few 

  • Stronger Heart, Lower Risks: Exercise strengthens the heart, improves blood flow, and reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. Studies show regular activity like brisk walking or cycling significantly lowers the risk of these conditions.
  • Manage Weight, Build Strength: Exercise helps maintain a healthy weight and builds muscle strength. Cardio and strength training burn calories, build lean muscle, and boost metabolism, contributing to weight management. Resistance training is particularly beneficial for men, increasing muscle mass and bone density to reduce osteoporosis risk.

  • Boost Mood, Sharper Mind: Exercise isn't just good for the body, it's crucial for mental well-being. Regular physical activity reduces symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. Exercise releases endorphins, natural mood-lifters, and improves sleep patterns, leading to overall better mental health.

  • Fight Chronic Diseases: Men who are active have a lower risk of developing chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, certain cancers (colon and prostate cancer), and metabolic syndrome. Just 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity per week (think brisk walking or cycling) can significantly reduce the incidence of these conditions.


Taking Control of Your Health

Regular physical activity is fundamental for men's health. It improves the heart, weight, muscle strength, and mental well-being while reducing chronic disease risk. Incorporating exercise into your daily routine, create proactive steps towards optimal health and well-being.

At, we offer a wide range of fitness equipment to help men of all fitness levels reach their health and wellness goals.  This includes everything you need to create a customized workout routine, no matter your starting point.

BenchK multi-functional wall bars can be used at home, your office gym, or even a studio setting.  Having a home gym equipped with wall bars makes it easier than ever to squeeze in a workout  anytime – no excuses!  The convenience of having your own equipment can be a game-changer in helping you achieve your goal of working out every day.

Men's Health Month Call to Action

This June, celebrate Men's Health Month by taking charge!

Make prevention a priority, eat healthy, and move more. Let's work together to make this the year you take responsibility for your health.

Remember, everyone can play a role in promoting men's health. Encourage the men and boys in your life to prioritize their well-being for long and happy lives.

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